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Accessibility 服务


的 University of Dallas welcomes students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. University Accessibility 服务 (UAS) serves a coordinating role in the University's efforts to provide an accessible environment for all who come to the University. 的 University affirms St. 约翰保罗的 观察 that "people with disabilities must be enabled to participate in social life as far as they can, and helped to fulfill all their physical, psychological and spiritual 潜在的." If you or someone you or someone you know plans to visit the University, we are glad to assist to provide a more accessible environment and welcome any 观察s of areas where we can improve.


Whether you are visiting the University to participate in a special event, considering attending as a student, or just stopping in to have a drink at the Cappucino Bar, the University is glad to help make the University more accessible. 最主要的一点 of contact for accessibility questions is the Accessibility 服务 Coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to contact the Coordinator.


Director and 第九条 Coordinator
Office of Civil Rights and 第九条
First Floor, Haggar University Center, Room 253
1845 E. 北门博士.

In addition, some special events will have additional University personnel appointed as points of contact for accessibility questions.

In order to more adequately provide accessibility assistance, the University asks that visitors with disabilities who plan to attend events on campus contact the Accessibility 服务 Coordinator at least 72 hours before the event. 的 University will then be able to provide reasonable accommodations to those requesting assistance.


的 University provides a wide variety of accommodations for students with disabilities so as to make the University's programs and activities available. 你可以找到答案 more about student accommodations at Student Disability 服务.


的 University also provides accommodations for staff and faculty with disabilities, which are arranged through the Human Resources Department. Staff and employees can find out more about and apply for disability accommodations by visiting the HR Department 或者通过电子邮件